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SOS Malta's Activities in KOSOVO

Crisis Management - Relief Programmes in Kosovo

In the wake of the crisis in Kosovo, the Albanian-speaking once Yugoslav Republic and its effects on the whole of Albania, the organisation once again led a large-scale fundraising campaign in Malta in order to assist with the refugee problem that was brought about by the war.  This opened up a new area of focus for SOS Malta - Kosovo.  With the funds collected and under the name of SOS Malta, the organisation once again followed the same principles and operational procedures practiced in neighbouring Albania.

1. Fundraising and Partnership

Fundraising and Partnership were once again cornerstones of SOS Malta's success in Kosovo as they were in Albania,  only this time all the experience that had been gained in Albania was put to good use in Kosovo.  In Kosovo SOS Malta partnered with 999 UK, UNHCR, MSF and PSF.

2. Humanitarian and emergency aid including the financing of its transportation to and across Kosovo

SOS Malta undertook full responsibility of a refugee camp in Korce, housing 355 refugees, providing them with three meals a day plus supplementary hygiene and other essential commodities.

SOS Malta also provided three meals a day to 120 refugees residing in factory and supported 15 families (95 persons) with 1$ per person per day.  SOS Malta financed the refurbishment of two properties in Korce and housed and fully supported the most vulnerable refugees.

SOS Malta provided and financed 3000 loaves a day for refugees in Korce. Signed a contract with WFP for the provision of flour, sugar and oil.

SOS Malta co-ordinated the arrival of 10 trucks of humanitarian aid arriving from the UK with the organisation Albania 999.

SOS Malta co-ordinated the distribution of aid in Korce to refugee camps and subsequently organised and financed the repatriation of all refugees under their immediate mandate in Korce, Albania.

SOS Malta together with the Government of Malta and the UNHCR, co-ordinated the transport of Malta of 105 refugees from Macedonia.  SOS Malta undertook the financial responsibility of all refugees during their stay.

SOS Malta also financed an airlift of humanitarian aid from Malta and coordinated its distribuution in Prizren and the surrounding areas.

3. Education

SOS Malta supplied three schools in Kosovo with essential stationery and desks.

4. Health care

SOS Malta set up a pharmacy and networked with other NGOs providing the necessary medicines in refugee camps in Albania and also in the hospitals.

SOS Malta supplied the Korce Hospital with a large amount of insulin, antibiotics, saline, syringes and doctor's couches. It provided medical backup by financing doctors and nurses from Malta to work with and train Albanians on site.

SOS Malta organised a physcho social programme in the refugee camp.

SOS Malta constructed and refurbished a family health centre in Gjonai, Kosovo.

SOS Malta rebuilt and refurbished Ambulantas in Bela Ceka, and Lugishte Kosovo.

SOS Malta ran a course for nurses in the Municipality of Rahovic - the goals and objectives were to update the nurses’ knowledge and clinical skills.  The course also included sessions on infection control and health promotion and was spread over a period of 15 weeks with two lectures of 1½ hours weekly. The project was approved by WHO.

5. Social and community projects directed at children and youth

SOS Malta collaborated with the Armed Forces of Malta for the delivery of playground structures and humanitarian aid to Kosovo.

SOS Malta set up and financed a playground in Mustisht and in Mallisheva, both in Kosovo.

SOS Malta set up a widow's co-operative in Krusha Vogel, supplying sewing machines and bales of material etc…