Local Platforms and Networks

APF Malta'sis a network of organisations working together to coordinate and support the interests of persons suffering poverty and social exclusion. The Forum organises a number of conferences, seminars and focus groups, promotes research, disseminates information and creates awareness on poverty in Malta.


ENAR Malta is a network of NGOs and groups working in the field of anti-racism. Its aims include the promotion of human rights in Malta, Europe and elsewhere, as well as the encouragement of co-operation between organizations working to combat racism. It seeks to promote equal treatment and equal rights, and to facilitate the exchange of information between organizations about national and European developments relating to these issues.


SKOP is Malta’s National Platform of Development NGOs.  The Platform brings together Maltese Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) involved in development and relief overseas and/or in the provision of global education. The Platform offers capacity building opportunities to its members, provides a forum for consultation and co-operation between its membership and facilitates their individual and united advocacy on development issues, social justice, human rights and equality.


The Platform of Human Rights Organisations in Malta is the nation’s first network of NGOs striving to promote human rights. PHROM was established “to provide a national forum for human rights organisations in Malta to develop, promote and advocate for the values of human dignity and equality more effectively.” (Article 3.1, PHROM Statutes). As such, the Platform attracts membership from Maltese NGOs working directly and indirectly in the promotion of human rights values, with the understanding the networked advocacy is more effective, sustainable and exciting!