Resource and Training Services for NGOs

One of the main pillars of SOS Malta relates to research and training. Research is carried out in regard to all three other pillars of the organization: development; volunteering; social solidarity. SOS Malta is constantly seeking to identify innovative approaches to each of these three fields. Without constant research and training, an organization risks its work becoming ineffective and unprogressive.

SOS Malta believes in the need for constant training and capacity-building of the civil society sector in Malta. It is in this spirit that SOS Malta had implemented a highly successful four year project, called the Malta Resource Centre for Civil Society NGOs (2004-2008).

The aim of the Malta Resource Centre project was to provide for capacity building measures targeting civil society NGOs in Malta to become more effective to operate and participate within the European Union. These measures were specifically aimed at helping NGOs to become better equipped in influencing policies and plans, as well as in accessing EU funds. These measures included the setting up of networks, provision of training and consultation, research, projects development, providing technical assistance.

In the aftermath of the Malta Resource Centre project, SOS Malta continues to organize occasional training courses for its staff and those of other NGOs, as well as for volunteers – ensuring to focus on innovative and progressive concepts in the sector.