Diversitarte: Music Montage Workshop

SOS Malta is launching Diversitarte: a music montage workshop series, an intercultural music and singing project supported by the Creative Communities fund from the Arts Council Malta.

The workshop series will run from October 2015 to June 2016 (a taster session will be organised in September). This project aims to bring together children from different cultures and nationalities, including Maltese, aged from 7 to 13, to share their own music and songs and undertake an exchange of cultures whilst at the same time learning music and singing skills. The project aims to raise awareness about the positive aspects of interculturality and social integration through music and singing. 

Gisele Grima, an acclaimed professional musician and music educator, will lead a weekly 1.5 hour music workshop with a group of 10 to 25 participants.

If your children are interested in participating, please fill in the application form at the link below and send it to: lorna.muscat@sosmalta.org or call 2124 4123, or contact us for more information


Application form