SOS Malta in partnership with aditus foundation are participating in a seven month project, ICP: Intercultural Competence Programme - Adapting Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in the Workplace, co-financed through the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals.

The project’s main objective is to promote intercultural competence throughout mainstream public service providers and related stakeholders in Malta and Gozo through the development of the first fully comprehensive course in intercultural competence in Malta.

The course will promote the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for public service providers to deal with and communicate effectively with people of other nationalities, especially those vulnerable Third Country Nationals accessing public services, thereby leading to a better experience and consequently better integration of TCN’s  within Malta.

The project will involve the following steps:

1) the development of a fully comprehensive training course through desk research, consultations   and focus groups;

2)   the production of a course handbook to carry out future courses on intercultural  competence;

3) a pilot training course for 10 participants ( to ensure course appropriateness);

4) a stakeholder workshop to disseminate the course handbook and raise awareness of  intercultural competence in public service provision.

 This course development will provide for a lasting resource for Malta for the future roll out of intercultural competence training across all public services, and persons working with Third Country Nationals in other sectors, as well as for the potential integration of this as a core part of any qualification of public sector employees.

ICP: Intercultural Competence Programme - Adapting Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes in the Workplace will continue to build upon the work being done by SOS Malta and aditus foundation to promote integration as a two-way process and to improve the intercultural competence of public sector professionals.


The Training Handbook was launched this morning and it is available for whoever is interested in undergoing or produce the training sessions. 


The training handbook can be downloaded from this link and can be freely printed. Cover available here .


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