MEDIP Project Main Activities


1. Training on MDGs to Media people. - Two three-day training workshops will be organized for journalists from the participating MS. The training will be focused on introducing journalist to the MDGs and exploring innovative ways of communicating concerns and stories related to these issues. The training will incorporate Creative Thinking methods in application to the MDGs and the said developed issues. These workshops shall be carried out in Malta and Hungary. 

2. Field visit for media people. - Ten-day field visits for journalists and Media representatives to a specific developing country in Sub-Saharan Africa - Uganda. Each partner country will be required to send a national delegation made up of a journalist, a camera-man and the appointment MDG Ambassador. The field visits will be planned in collaboration with the European delegation, NGO's on the ground and media representatives in the countries of visit.

3. Documentary. - Each partner delegation will produce a 30-min. documentary about a particular MDG, mostly striking during the field visit. Six documentaries will therefore be produced in all - each addressing issues related to a separate MDG.

4. Round table conference. - Round table conferences will be organized by each MEDIP partner. The conferences will focus on the roles of specific stakeholders vis-à-vis development issues. These will include the participation of businessmen, policy makers, media, academics and/or teachers.

5. Photo competition. - A photo reporter competition and exhibition will be organized by each MEDIP partner.

6. Awareness campaign. - An awareness campaign in each country, spearheaded by a national MEDIP Ambassador (a national personality) as the face of the campaign.

7. Conference. - A conference on the theme of Communicating Poverty will be organised in the beginning of 2010, the European Year of Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion. The conference will address communication strategies for the MDGs.

8. Blog. - A blog will be created per partner focused on the MDGs.