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If you have any good practices related to the Sustainable Development Agenda please tell us your story and get in touch with us at
You can learn more about the project Business with a Heart here

  The eMore project aims to gain a sound understanding of the hate speech phenomena online but also offline and to develop a common model combating against hate speech at European Union and national levels.
To know more about the project:
If you find any kind of online hate speech, we would be grateful if you could report it through our APP.
Your participation will help us understand better the phenomenon, make it more visible and find the best way to combat it.
You can find the APP on both Android  and Apple stores (type "eMore monitoring and reporting" in the search bar).
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 Find out more about our new online service to support victims of crime, in partnership with Victim Support Malta.

Provided with financial support of the Malta Community Chest Fund.

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SOS Malta, in Collaboration with the Valletta 2018 Foundation, have launched Tal-Kultura; the volunteer programme for Valletta 2018.
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