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SOS Malta as fund operator of the Active Citizens Fund in Malta, is requesting the expression of interest for the provision of evaluation services for the Open Call for Proposals under the ACF in Malta, in two thematic areas: human rights and social inclusion and, citizen participation in civic activities.

For more information please refer to the Terms of Reference which can be downloaded here.




Get trained in gender-based violence support to create a better environment for your employees. You're still in time to register for our EU-funded online course. Get in touch with us before the 27th of January 2020. For more information kindly visit shorturl.at/qvAHW



This report provides a background research into restorative practices, as the first element within the  TReP – Professional Training in Restorative Practices Erasmus project.

The overal TReP objective is to create a course that will be conducted entirely online in restorative practice for a Level 5 Undergraduate Certificate and recognized throughout Europe via the Bologna Process. The aim of the course is to train the relevant professional in the theory and the use of restorative practices. More information about the project you can find here.







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