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Help us in our quest to:

  • Increase knowledge among the Maltese public regarding gender based violence, and
  • Support people who are going through such types of violence.

We are developing a comprehensive online, confidential support system to cater specifically for victims of gender based violence. The idea is for people to come online, be supported in their experiences and then be referred to relevant entities and services.

The service will be launched this summer and will be provided to its users between Monday and Friday from 9am-5pm. The volunteers will undergo specialised training and would be able to choose which hours and when to volunteer.  


To apply please fill in this form: https://forms.gle/EcQh3RRJzwY6L1vF7.


For further information, please contact us via email at info@sosmalta.org or raluca.colacel@sosmalta.org.

This service is being offered as part of a project implemented by SOS Malta in collaboration with the Commission for Domestic Violence and Gender Based Violence, Victim Support Malta, Core Platform and Advenio AeA to improve the support structures for victims of GBV. The project is financed through the Rights Equality and Citizenship Programme of the European Commission.


We express solidarity and deep sorrow

Joint NGO Statement on the murder of Lassibe Souleymane


We are deeply saddened by news of the death of Lassibe Souleymane, brutally shot in Ħal Far over the weekend. We also wish all the very best to the two other victims of the shooting, and hope they recover without permanent or serious damage. Whatever the actual reasons for this terrible incident, it affects not only the three victims but the entire migrant community in creating a sense of fear, lack of security and isolation. It also affects us all, a nation jolted by an appalling act of violence.


As we eagerly await the outcome of the investigations, we urge Malta’s highest authorities to unequivocally condemn all forms of violence – whatever their motivation. We caution that, should it emerge that this was in fact a racially-motivated incident, Malta would be called upon to face far more than an act of assault, but far graver crime aimed at instilling terror in entire communities. Secondly, we expect the Malta Police Force to step up: commit all necessary resources to bring the perpetrators to justice; ensure the survivors are treated as victims of crime and guaranteed all the support and protection they need.


Importantly we underline the need to comfort and express solidarity with all residents of Ħal Far, assuring that all will be done to restore good order and security for the locality’s communities.


9 April 2019


Statement endorsed by the following organisations:

1. aditus foundation
2. African Media Association Malta
3. Allied Rainbow Communities (arc)
4. Blue Door English
5. The Critical Institute
6. Department for Inclusion and Access to Learning, University of Malta
7. Foundation for Shelter and Support to Migrants
8. Integra Foundation 
9. International Association for Refugees
10. Isles of the Left
11. Jesuit Refugee Service (Malta)
12. LGBTI Plus Gozo
13. Malta Emigrants’ Commission
14. Malta Humanist Association
15. Malta LGBTIQ Rights Movement
16. Men Against Violence 
17. Moviment Graffitti
18. National Foster Care Association Malta
19. Richmond Foundation
20. Solidarity with Migrants
21. SOS Malta
22. Spark15
23. Victim Support Malta
24. Women’s Rights Foundation




This report provides a background research into restorative practices, as the first element within the  TReP – Professional Training in Restorative Practices Erasmus project.

The overal TReP objective is to create a course that will be conducted entirely online in restorative practice for a Level 5 Undergraduate Certificate and recognized throughout Europe via the Bologna Process. The aim of the course is to train the relevant professional in the theory and the use of restorative practices. More information about the project you can find here.


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Between 2017 and 2018 we participated in a Europe for Citizens funded project called URGENT- Urban Regeneration: European Network of Towns. Find out more about the activties of the project here  






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