Crop in a Pot: Building skills for sustainability and resilience is a project being implemented by SOS Malta and is part financed by the Malta Community Chest Fund.

The project’s main objective is to help foster social, environmental and economic sustainability by providing groups with skills and knowledge to grow some of their own food at home within the space that is available to them.

SOS Malta will be the sole implementing organisation for Crop in a Pot, bringing with us our expertise of working with disadvantaged communities within Malta as well as being expert on the sustainable development goals and global development issues.

SOS Malta will set up an Urban Garden Exhibition space within the SOS Malta outside area which will be an exemplary space displaying different ways to grow produce in an urban setting.  50 selected beneficiaries will be provided with the means, ideas and knowledge to introduce low cost methods of growing food at home in an affordable way through a series of workshops held in the urban garden exhibition space.  Visits to local organic farming/urban gardening best practices will be organised to provide further inspiration and a chance for some hands on learning about sustainable and organic agriculture.

As a result, the project will bring together members of vulnerable groups who will increase their knowledge and skills in sustainable home growing in an urban setting, increase their health and wellbeing and contribute to increasing green spaces in urban spaces in Malta.