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VolServ Voluntary Services for Mater Dei Hospital



The main aims of VolServ Voluntary Services in the hospital are:

  • Enhancing quality of overall patient experience
  • Enhancing the experience of the relatives of patients
  • Providing a more personal response to patients
  • Adding value to the work of the hospital staff, through the creation of roles of value for the volunteers
  • Offering rewarding opportunities for the volunteers, a chance to meet new people, feel a sense of satisfaction etc.
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The voluntary services provided aim to satisfy the needs identified by the hospital staff. These needs focus on any service that if provided, will enhance the quality of the hospital experience of the patients and their families. SOS Malta liaises with the hospital authorities who coordinate the logistics of the process in the hospital with regard to the (non-nursing and non-medical) services carried out by the volunteers (See various services below). Training and support is provided by SOS Malta to all volunteers prior to and during their voluntary service.


a.) Greeting and Guiding Service

Girl talking to man on wheelchair Volunteers welcome patients and their relatives as they enter the hospital and if needs be they then accompany them to various areas and units of the hospital accordingly. Some visitors with mobility problems will also require wheelchairs and volunteers wheel them to their destination. Volunteers are also stationed at the Outpatient reception areas and show people to the various clinics, accompany them to collect X-Rays etc.


 b.) Outpatient Clinics

Another available volunteer role involves helping out inside the Outpatient clinics. The role involves basic reception duties linked to the day-to-day running of theses clinics; preparation and placement of files; and calling in patients to their appointments.


c.) Tea and Coffee Service

Volunteers in this role serve tea, coffee and refreshments free of charge, through a trolley service in the waiting areas of all Outpatient Clinics


d.) Telephone Assistance

Volunteers in this role will form part of various departments (X-Ray department etc) and call patients in order to confirm attendance to appointments.


e.) Renal Unit

In this role, volunteers visit and talk to the patients who are on dialysis, keeping them company, making extra tea and coffee should patients so desire etc.


f.) Wards

February 2008 saw the introduction of volunteers into wards at Mater Dei Hospital. These volunteers spend time talking to lonely patients and helping out with various non-medical tasks. In the paediatric wards volunteers are encouraged to use their creative skills to entertain the children and a hands-on training programmes teach volunteers skills like arts and crafts skills. Puppeting etc . All volunteers who enter the wards are offered specific training depending on the area where they will be offering their service.

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All the volunteers recruited undergo a basic course which included the following areas: Communication, basic hygiene, information about the out patient clinics and the health centers.

The Basic Training sessions are held three times a year.  Recruitment starts in January, reopens in May and then again in September.  Kindly contact SOS Malta  on Tel: 21 244123 for more information.  



Contents of Basic Training Course

Volunteering in Health Care

  1. Introduction to Volunteering
  2. Introduction to Health Care in Malta
  3. Basic First Aid
  4. VolServ Policy and Procedures  

Communication Skills

  1. Key skills for good communication
  2. Basic Empathy
  3. Dealing with Difficult People

Basic Hygiene

  1. Hand Hygiene
  2. Vaccination
  3. Transmission Based Precautions
  4. Waste Disposal System  

         Outpatients Training Mater Dei Including:   Description of services of Outpatient clinics

    Specific Training is the offered when volunteers enter specialized areas of the hospital (for example for Wards, Paediatrics, Accident and Emergency etc.)

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Volunteers are invited to give feedback with regards to their experience and roles as well as suggestions, in formal groups with hospital management present, twice a year.


Psychological Support by fully trained Psychotherapists is available continuously.  This is an opportunity for personal and emotional growth and development.

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VolServ is supported by:    
Lombard Bank Malta

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1st Anniversary of VolServ April 2007

In celebration of the 1st Anniversary of VolServ, the event 'Volunteerism at its Best' was held in the Main Auditorium at Mater Dei Hospital on Tuesday 29th April 2008. All volunteers and Health NGOs were invited to attend. Mrs. Donna Gioia, from Roswell Park Cancer Institute,U.S.A, shared her experience of volunteering in a hospital and the Parliamentary Secretary for Health, Hon. Dr. Joseph Cassar addressed and congratulated all volunteers for their committment and dedication shown in the past year.
Interactive Session with Mater Dei Hospital Staff and Dr, McKenna, CEO of Volunteer Centres Ireland, November 2008 (Download Press Release)
Training Certificate Ceremony and Gratitude Reception 2008 -Westin Dragonara Resort
Training Certificate Ceremony

(Download Press Release)

Training Certificate Ceremony and Gratitude Reception 2009 -Westin  Dragonara Resort
Westin Dragonara 2009
Westin Dragomara 2009
Westin Dragonara 2009
Westin Dragonara 2009
Westin Dragonara 2009
Volunteer Corner, Mater Dei Hospital, June 2009
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