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Intercultural Malta: Towards the Achievement of Integration in Malta through the Intercultural Cities Approach is a project being implemented by SOS Malta and is co-funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals (EIF) 2011.  The project's main objective is to develop, through the exchange of experience and ideas, recommendations and guidelines for the creation of intercultural cities in Malta that actively promote and enable the integration of third country nationals into Maltese society.

SOS Malta  will hold a Pan-European Conference on good practice of integrating immigrants within society.  The conference will include speakers from European countries who will share their good practice of promoting integration through the intercultural cities approach.  Key stakeholders will be given the opportunity to learn about different approaches and possibilities for Malta. 

Presentation 1. Overview of the City of Valletta - Dr Alexiei Dingli - Mayor of Valletta 

Presentation 2. Valletta, European Capital of culture 2018 - Ms Margerita Pule - Valletta 2018 Foundation, Planning Coordinator

Presentation 3. Historical and Contemporary Multiculturalism in Malta - Dr Clare Vassallo - University of Malta

Presentation 4. Intercultural Cities Programme Overview - Ms Christina Bagali - ICC Project Officer Officer

Presentation 5. Challenges of Preserving the Multicultural/Intercultural charachter of Pecs - Mr Janos Giran - Head of Mayor's cabinet Office, Municipality of Pecs, Hungary

Presentation 6. Lisbon Intercultural City: Good practices/Challenges in Interculturalism - Ms Ilda Magro - Municipality of Lisbon, Protugal

A further two workshops will be held with members from Civil Society, government and third country nationals to discuss learning from the Pan-European Conference.

As a result, the project will bring together discussions from the conference and workshops to develop a set of recommendations that can be applied to Maltese cities that wish to explore how they can promote integration and cultural diversity in a positive way within their city or town. 



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