Training & Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building


SOS Malta has organised various training courses. Most of these courses were targeted at persons working or volunteering in NGOs and civil society organisations.


Recent courses included:

1. Capacity Building through Volunteering - Training for Health NGOS and Not-for-Profit Organizations

An Introduction to Capacity Building through Volunteering

* Introduction
* Involving Volunteers in Health NGOs
* The Volunteer Management Cycle
* Building Capacity - first steps
* Feedback Session

Recap of Volunteer Management Designing a Volunteering Policy

* Return to Volunteer Cycle
* Developing Roles to Build Capacity
* Developing A Volunteer Policy

Capacity Building Course Online

'The Effective Management of an NGO' partly funded through the ACF Programme

'The Effective Management of an NGO' is an online course designed to assist Voluntary Organisations, executives and staff in meeting the challenges of

managing an organisation. It aims at improving their capacity to increase their social impact, achieve their goals and be sustainable over time.

The course is free of charge, designed as a self-learn programme, where users can log in and follow the course at their own pace.

The programme provides details of core concepts and theories that apply and most importantly it offers a pragmatic perspective for their implementation

within the NGO environment. 

“This project has been funded by the Training Initiatives Scheme managed by the Malta Council for the Voluntary Sector”. 







2. The Structural Funds Training and Technical Assistance Programme for NGOs and Civil Society Organisations


Structural Funds for Malta

  • To inform, train  and equip NGOs in Malta to plan, access and manage and/or be partners in EU structural funds projects;
  • To facilitate partnership among NGOs, and NGO partnership with other civil society organisations and local councils in relation to structural funds projects.

50-hour training programme, for 25 representatives, of NGOs, social partners, and local councils. The aim of these workshops was to provide hands-on, practical training vis-à-vis various technical aspects concerning the application for and implementation of Structural Funds projects 

Representatives of various NGOs attending one of the training workshops on Structural Funds

Representatives of various NGOs attending one of the training workshops on Structural Funds

3. Empowering NGOs for the EU Challenge

The training workshop aimed at assisting NGOs in reaching a deeper understanding on the opportunities that exist for them within the EU, and to acquiring creative tools on how to benefit from these opportunities. The training workshop was designed in such a way as to require the active participation of participants and practical examples will also be used extensively throughout the workshop. 

Contents of Training Workshop
1. Overview of the EU 'project'
2. Institutions of the EU
3. Rationale of EU institutions and EU policies
4. How can NGOs influence the EU's decision making process
5. EU Funding opportunities for NGOs
6. Participation of NGOs in EU funding programmes (advantages and disadvantages)
7. Creative thinking tools - Success elements to translate a concept/idea into tangible results
8. How can Euro-Med Connect Coop Ltd help you in achieving success from EU funding.

The training workshop was divided into two sessions of three hours each.