Resilient Communities

‘Change starts with oneself taking responsibility for what is under one’s zone of influence. Companies have more influence and impact than ever. The future is bright if leaders create an environment where creativity is stimulated and innovation rewarded. Humanity faces huge challenges. What if we reframe this apparent crisis as a huge opportunity to build a better world? The critical condition to succeed in this reframe is to enable creativity’  (Benoit Greindl,

SOS Malta and CORE Platform are embarking on a two-years pilot project entitled 'Resilient Communities', the concept of which was born out of the need to address the UN Sustainable Development Goals whilst recognising the importance of cross sector partnership in achieving them.
As a point of departure and using SDG17 - Partnership -  as a basis for this project, 'Resilient Communities' considers the pivotal role that businesses could play in complementing ongoing and new local efforts towards establishing a more equitable, inclusive and sustainable society. However, in order to do so, a transformative change is needed, one which sees companies integrating environmental, social and good governance approaches into their business models, in tandem with strengthened partnerships between business, local government and civil society.
So, how do we go about helping to make this happen? This project seeks to:
  • Build Awareness around the local business sector, consumers, civil society and local government around the SDGs and hone in on the collective responsability for all to take action towards their achievement. How? Through a Public Campaign and the creation of an Online Hub on Responsible Business which will provide an interactive space for learning and knowledge exchange.
  • Engage all players in constructive dialogue and action on responsible business for the achievement of global sustainability. How? Through stakeholder meetings and the creation of a series of workshops which will lead to the creation of community stakeholder groups/networks.
  • Contribute to Behaviour Change thourgh awareness building and engagement which will set the stage for collaboration, between businesses, local authorities and civil society, in the development and implementation of sustainable development action plans at local level.
For the purposes of this project we will work with the Mellieha and Gzira Local Councils, models of which could be used for any similar future endeavours in other localities.
This project is co-funded by the Malta Community Chest Fund Foundation.




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