Training & Capacity Building


2017 - Business with a Heart, survey analysis

The objective of the project is to increase awareness, knowledge and engagement of the Maltese business sector regarding its role in contributing to the achievement of the SDGs at the local level. This survey analysis presents the situation in Malta regarding businesses and sustainable development, the good practices initiated by some businesses, the barriers that they face and some areas of improvement. 


2016 - Against School Agression Partnership (ASAP)

SOS Malta has conducted a research report to enhance the understanding of the current situation with regards to takling school aggression and bullying in Malta. This report was carried out in all three countries, Hungary, Bulgaria and Malta, to collect best practices and review the gaps and needs within the area. Upon research, we found that a great number of projects were created to fight school aggression and bullying.


2016 - MOnitoring and REporting online hate speech in Europe (eMORE)

The aim of this transnational project is to gain a sound understanding of the hate speech phenomena online but also offline and to develop a common model combating against hate speech at European Union and national levels.Thanks to a survey, SOS Malta wrote a report collecting qualitative/quantitative key information/data about the situation in Malta.


2015 - The young carers research

Young carers are children or young people under the age of 21 who provide regular care to a member of their family suffering from a physical, medical, mental or intellectual disability, addiction problems, or any other care requirement. The general lack of awareness within families, schools, and professional and health services of the impact of the caring role in childhood and young adult life makes it difficult to identify and support these children and young adult. The purpose of this study is to raise awareness about young carers in Malta, to gain an initial understanding of the circumstances and lives of these children and young people in Malta and the best way to assist them. 


2015 - Job activation 50 handbook

The majority of European Union member states have to face the problem of an ageing population and the economic and social consequences this brings. The aim of the project is search for solutions in the field of vocational activation of people over the age of fifty.  The handbook is intended for organisations involved in providing support for older workers, as well as employment services, educational and training centres, counselling entities and non-governmental organisations undertaking actions that are specifically aimed at ensuring the inclusion of older people.


2015 - Integration of Immigrant Spouses and Children (IOM)

The project aimed to facilitate the integration of family members, especially spouses and children in pursuance of the Common Basic Principles on Migrant Integration.  This report presents the findings of a three-part research commissioned by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) office in Malta and undertaken by the People for Change Foundation and SOS Malta.


2008 - Focus groups research and reactions to the National Report on Strategies for Social Protection and Social Inclusion

SOS Malta drew up a set of reactions to the National Report on Strategies for Social Protection and Social Inclusion issued by the Government of Malta. In a 6-page document sent to Minister John Dalli, the network mapped out key concerns and recommendations concerning Social Inclusion in Malta in the hope that the document is revisited and revised before final submission to the European Commission. It said that the National report for social protection and social inclusion in Malta needs to become a more strategic instrument so as to ensure real impact on national policy and on poverty. 


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