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Throughout July and August, SOS Malta Volunteers were in Muccia – a village in the Sibillini National Park, badly affected by the recent earthquakes in Italy which damaged and made over 90% of the buildings in the village unusable.

In their wish to organize a summer camp for children but restrained by the lack of suitable personnel on the territory, the ‘Comune di Muccia’ asked for volunteers to assist them in the animations for children. 8 volunteers from SOS Malta travelled to Muccia to take over the summer camp in the afternoon. Bringing fun and a bit of respite from their difficult experiences to the children from 3 to 12 years of age was an extremely rewarding experience for both the children and our volunteers and an occasion for cultural and linguistic sharing. This summer camp consisted in activities such as crafts, outdoors games like a water balloon fights and some exercises in English. Being welcomed and integrated in the community of Muccia, despite their limited resources (the majority of the village still live in containers and eat their meals together in a canteen), has been a pleasure and we hope their desire to be able to get back to their houses  and to a normal life will be realized soon.






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