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Statement to the Press

Posted Date: 08/04/2011




8th APRIL 2011

SOS Malta confirms press reports of its participation in the domestic effort to deliver humanitarian assistance to the people of Misurata on the vessel that left Malta for Misurata on the 29th March, 2011. Our involvement was limited solely and exclusively to the delivery of humanitarian aid and we were happy to learn that all the aid, consisting of medicines and food items, had been safely delivered. SOS Malta has participated in only one outward journey on the said vessel and SOS Malta disclaims any ownership or other interest in that vessel as was reported in the press.

It has since been brought to the attention of SOS Malta that the vessel may have operated on a non-humanitarian basis on its return journey to Malta. SOS Malta was not in any way concerned or involved with the vessel’s return journey to Malta. SOS Malta has and will always adhere to the core principles of humanitarian aid, namely, neutrality, impartiality, saving lives and alleviating suffering. Accordingly, and regrettably, SOS Malta will temporarily suspend its participation in any efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to Libya until an unequivocal guarantee is obtained from Government authorities that transport to Misurata is engaged solely and entirely for humanitarian purposes.

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