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Beneficiaries to receive €250,000 in overseas developing aid for Asia, Africa

Posted Date: 22/06/2010

MaltaToday_22 June 2010

Beneficiaries to receive €250,000 in overseas developing aid for Asia, Africa

Maltese organisations involved in projects in developing world awarding overseas development aid

Foreign Minister Tonio Borg today announced the government had pledged €800,000 in unspecified projects related to climate change in African countries.

He was announcing a list of 16 beneficiaries for overseas development aid – funds the government provides as part of its commitment to the United Nations’ millennium development goals (MDGs) to combat poverty in the developing world.

Malta must forward 0.2% of its gross national product to developing countries in overseas development aid.

Borg said a total of €256,310 would be given to 16 NGOs, 13 of which are religious organisations, which will be carrying out projects in Africa and Asia.

Some of the organisations include Mission Fund, the Missionary Society of St. Paul, and secular development NGOs Kopin, SOS Malta and Inizjamed.

The projects by the organisations differ in scope, and range mainly across African and Asian countries.

Mission Fund is constructing a hostel for medical staff of Makiungu hospital in Tanzania; SOS Malta’s project includes the construction of a well to collect rain water in Masak district in Uganda; Inizjamed proposed a project for the construction of three education institutions in the slums of Nairobi in Kenya, and Kopin proposed a support project for EDA Medical Centre in Ethiopia.

Borg also announced that the government, together with every other member state of the European Union, is giving €800,000 to developing countries in climate change funds.


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