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Water Project

Posted Date: 21/09/2010

Times of Malta_21 September 2010

Water Project


People need between 20 and 50 litres of clean water every day to cater for their basic needs but millions of children are deprived of drinking water the world over, with more than 4,000 dying every day as a result.

With this statistic in mind, SOS Malta has provided three schools in Uganda with fresh water through the development of water collection systems.

The project covered the Ngeru, St Stephen’s and St Peter’s Primary Schools in Jinja, eastern Uganda, which cater for more than 800 children. The schools were provided with water storage tanks, wells and a system that collects rainwater through gutters installed on the premises.

The project was supported by the Foreign Ministry and Vascas Jewellers. Meanwhile, 25 other workers are also redecorating and carrying out maintenance works at the Ngeru Primary School, which is reportedly in a very bad state.