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Tsunami Disaster 10/12/2004

Posted Date: 10/12/2004

SOS Malta appeals for the following urgent medical supplies to take up with them to Sri Lanka.

Paracetamol Tablets
Paracetamol Syrup
Amoxycillin Tablets
Amoxycillin Syrup
Bactrim Tablets
Bactrim Syrup
Skin ointment
Gauze Rolls
Cotton Wool rolls
Phenegan Tablets
Phenegan syrup
Normal Saline
Surgical Gloves
Surgical Spirit
Adhesive Plaster
Parafin Gauze
Two folding couches
1 small sterilizer
Kidney Dishes and small instruments

SOS Malta Offices at Dar L-Emigrant, Valletta will be receiving donations and essential medical items from Monday at 8.30 am. SOS Malta can be contacted on 99478880 or 99494686 for further details.

Refugees from Sri Lanka will be at Dar L-Emigrant to personally thank the Maltese public for the assistance being given to their country and to receive donations for the Medical Team leaving for Colombo on Friday.

SMS    50617364     Lm1
SMS    50618074     Lm2
APS a/c     20000245111
HSBC a/c  006070932050
BOV a/c    40013974950


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