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Mission to Sri Lanka

Posted Date: 07/01/2005

SOS Malta has responded to the Tsunami disaster by sending a Medical team to Sri Lanka composed of 3 medical doctors and a nurse.  Head of the mission will be Mr David Grech SRN and will include Drs. Rachel Attard, David Paul Galea and Vanessa Saliba. The team is now on the ground in Colombo ready to get into action.

Fr Neil of ICMC Sri Lanka & Mr Lalin Fernando have met the team and are offering all assistance to the mission.

The Mission will be based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and will carry out a field assessment which will identify the area the team will be extending medical care to and the basic needs.  SOS Malta will provide all essential commodities to the people they will be in contact with  and will coordinate all their operations with the NGO coordinating centres in Sri Lanka.

SOS Malta’s programme will be monitored and evaluated to optimize impact and assess performance at the end of January.


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