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Survey of the elderly, carers, launched

Posted Date: 11/08/2012 - 11 August 2012

SOS Malta, a non-Governmental organisation, has launched two surveys to gather more information about the needs, the good practices and the partnerships existing in Malta regarding informal carers.

One survey is designed specifically for the informal carers, where an ‘informal carer’ means ‘any person, such as a family member, friend or neighbour, who is giving regular, on-going assistance to another person without payment for the care given’, to understand their main difficulties, troubles, suggestions and complains about their role as care giving person. The survey is available both in English and Maltese.

The second survey is designed for the main stakeholders, such as NGOs, parishes and local councils, to present their programs or projects related with the theme of care giving and volunteers.

After the first period of desk research, SOS Malta will organise a conference entitled ‘Informal carers and Volunteering in the Community’. The aim of this conference will be to begin a dialogue between relevant stakeholders in Malta on the need for wider recognition of the role and contribution of informal carers in society, their need for support to carry out their role and the role of the volunteer sector in supporting them.
The questionnaire can be found by following this link:


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