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Art and health care: raising spirits

Posted Date: 30/10/2011 - 30 October 2011


“At some point of our lives, each and everyone of us had to take a long walk down white lighted corridors, bearing an inadequate ‘gifts’ of packets of orange juice and sugar-free biscuits whilst wondering how one should behave or what one should one say to someone recovered in a hospital bed…The dismal feelings are even worse felt by patients whatever their condition or ailment or how long their recovery in hospital takes. This is why the project Raising Spirits has been launched, aiming to turn this atmosphere into a joyous one within health care settings.”

‘Raising Spirits’ is a one year project launched within the Framework of the European Year of Volunteering 2011 and led by SOS Malta in partnership with Mater Dei Hospital, Malta Cancer Foundation, Voices Foundation and The Malta Council for Culture and the Arts. “We want to promote and develop an enabling and facilitating environment for creative and artistic volunteering within healthcare, aimed at improved patient recovery and community well-being.”

The Volunteer Committee has launched its new website giving news about the performances being organised at Mater Dei in November and December. The Website also provides the facility for artists, performers and event organisers to put forward their proposals or express their interest to perform at Mater Dei and in the future other health centres.

Raising Spirits project will produce a three-year Action Plan aimed at introducing regular creative and artistic volunteering activities on the national healthcare calendar of events.

Raising Spirits can be contacted at or visit the website


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