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Migrants serve a taste of their culinary culture

Posted Date: 05/12/2011

The Times of Malta - 5 December 2011


People walking through Valletta's Merchants Street were this morning invited to step into the courtyard of the Auberge de Castille to taste African food prepared by migrants, to share a portion of their culture.

A variety of dishes from several countries including Eritrea, Sudan and Somalia were on display as part of a project organised by SOS Malta to encourage people to try out different food.

Colourful fruit juices were served with the food that included a spicy rice, a cinnamon scented vegetable mix and Ghanaian bread. The food was served by the participating migrants who are refugees or were granted international protection.

The project, called Same Difference, aims to promote meaningful interaction between beneficiaries of international protection and different sectors of Maltese society using food as a communication and bridging medium.



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