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SOS Malta is helping school children to carry books not jerrycans

Posted Date: 18/09/2011

The Malta Independent - 18 September 2011

Claudia Taylor-East of SOS Malta is currently in Uganda bringing water to three primary schools in Jinja, Uganda. The project is being co-financed by the Overseas Development Aid programme through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Malta and is also supported by VASCAS Jewellers, Two Oceans, Professional Marketing Services, Orienta, 240 Ltd, Fortina Spa Resort, Alert, Trolley Mania and the many donations from the public through our Malta Walks for Water campaign

This project aims use the provision of water as the entry point into community development in Uganda. Through this Project SOS Malta is contributing to the achievement of MDG 7 to halve, by 2015, the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and sanitation.

SOS Malta is working to bring rain water harvesting systems to schools. But, they have also recognised that there is a real need to improve the actual conditions of the schools themselves. Specifically, SOS Malta has identified Luala Primary School in Mbiko, a school for 750 children in a state of complete dilapidation.

The SOS team started re-construction of Luala Primary School last week. The main building will be completely renovated and will include the repair of an existing water tank and plumbing system and installation of 2 new Rain Water Harvesting tanks which will serve all 750 children. The reconstruction is moving well with excellent workers and so much help from the school staff and children. In 10 days alone, the roof of the school building has been completely rebuilt. The cementing of the floor is in place and SOS Malta volunteers are busy painting the building.

In addition to Luala Primary School, SOS Malta have identified a further two schools Njenga girls primary school and Ngungo primary school in Jinja, where they shall be fixing existing water tanks and installing new Rain Water Harvesting systems benefitting hundreds of school children. One of the schools does not even have a drop of water within 6kms! With this project there will be no more walking down to the water source having to carry their heavy jerry cans.

The clean, safe water projects being implemented will transform thousands of lives.


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