Better Advocacy, Better Inclusion



BABI aims to develop the capacities of foreign-born and native-born activists to guide public policies for social inclusion through the design of training and empowerment tools. It is promoted by Lunaria (Italy) in collaboration with Antigone (Greece), SOS Racisme (Spain), SOS Malta (Malta) and supported by the Erasmus Program.



There is a close connection between the prevalence of xenophobic and racist discrimination, the capacity of public decision-makers to design effective 'inclusion' policies and the level of direct and proactive participation of migrants, refugees and people with a migration background in the design and implementation of these policies.

Direct and unmediated participation in the definition of institutional social inclusion policies and the ability to represent demands and disputes (from the local to the European level) can represent an element of discontinuity that puts social cohesion, rights and solidarity back at the centre of public policies.



Here we will publish the research development



The project intends to promote the participation of civil society organizations, associations of migrants, refugees and citizens of foreign origin in the definition and implementation of social inclusion policies.

Innovative training methodologies and tools will be created and tested to help qualify the knowledge and skills of social workers, activists and trainers of associations, to strengthen actions to pressure institutions and to assert rights, against discrimination and for social inclusion.