Perspectives - Global Sustainable Activity for Kids




SOS Malta implemented a young people's 'Global Activity Workshop' which took the form of a fun and interactive extracurricular activity through which young people were taught about the Agenda 2030 goals and tangible related development issues. The idea behind the workshop was to provide an interactive, fun and hands on learning experience for young people to tackle issues such as 1) migration, 2) climate change 3) food security and 4) inequality and gender, as targeted by the SDGs and for them to understand how these fit within the UN Agenda 2030 framework. 


This non-formal learning approach workshop targeted young people aged 8-13 to take part in activities such as drama, play, dance and crafts. These exercises provoked them to reflect upon the differences between their own lives and those of children living in different situations and for them to discuss how their actions could contribute to changing the world for the better.


The workshop took the following format; 



Short introduction to what SDGs are and an animated video appropriate for young children:





Scene 1  Bullying


Scene 2  National Discrimination 


Scene 3  Movement


Scene 4  Global Warming


Scene 5 Closing Scene





Presentation on Cambodia


World Facts



This workshop can be easily replicated, is suitable for children of all ages and can be adjusted according to what you want to achieve through such a workshop. If you are interested in teaching young children about SDGs in a non-formal manner, feel free to download the necessary documents, that can be found  below.


Perscpetive Script; Perspective Movement; Presentation on Cambodia; Presentation on World facts.

This project is funded through the re-granting programme which forms part of the Rural Dear Agenda project, implemented in Malta by FOPSIM foundation.

For more information on how the workshop is to be carried out email Sarah Stafrace SOS Malta project officer or call SOS Malta on 21244123.