Against School Aggression Partnership

Against School Aggression Partnership – ASAP: Community based complex school program for effective prevention and treatment of aggression and bullying

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ASAP - Against School Aggression Partnership is a project implemented and led by Partners Hungary Foundation in collaboration with SOS Malta, Partners Bulgaria Foundation and Szolnoki Szolgáltatási Szakképzési Centrum (Szolnok Centre of Counselling Training) and funded by the Erasmus Programme of the European Union.

ASAP aims to contribute to the reduction of school aggression and bullying in schools while establishing and strengthening the cooperation between different institutions that deal with the student community. The project wishes to develop a model program taking the form of a whole school approach that offers an accessible and easy to adopt tool, for the reduction of school violence and bullying, which will be tested and further developed in three secondary schools, one from each participant country: Hungary, Bulgaria and Malta.

The project could bring significant support in all of the country’s efforts to tackle bullying and school aggression, by promoting and providing alternative conflict resolution, management procedures and restorative methods to be used in schools.

These practices will help, on one hand, prevent conflicts and minimise the occurrence of aggression, bullying and other behaviours, as risk factors in terms of a potential criminal career, and on the other hand will come as a support tool for the teachers and educators when it comes to tackling such cases.

As part of the project,  SOS Malta has conducted a research report to enhance the understanding of the current situation with regards to takling  school aggression and bullying in Malta. This report was carried out in all three countries, Hungary, Bulgaria and Malta, to collect best practices and review the gaps and needs within the area.
Upon research, we found that a great number of projects were created to fight school aggression and bullying. Relying on studies and experience, sustainable best practices are defined as those which: increase public awareness, improve the holistic approach of the issue, promote a sense of community and personal responsibility, and promote social-emotional learning. The report can be downloaded here: National Report Malta.

Part of the research carried out for the Maltese National Report, SOS Malta has also conducted a survey to have a better understanding of the current status with regards to policies and practices related to bullying, aggression and violence. You can download the results by clicking on the following link: ASAP - Survey analysis.


For further information contact Raluca Colacel – Project Officer, SOS Malta

Tel: 21244123